Betty and Anthony

Our Story

Friendship at First Sight
Betty and Anthony met in the classroom on their very first day of business school. Anthony remembers it well. He entered the class as just another unfamiliar face in a sea of unfamiliar faces. He bumped into Betty on a staircase on his way to his assigned seat. They chatted briefly about work and dorms and other banalities. In Betty, Anthony found a friendly face and a warm conversationalist. In Anthony, Betty found a well-mannered and dynamic optimist.

During their time in business school, their friendship and admiration for each other grew. They laughed together over assigned readings, shared meals together in the campus dining hall, and started an ambitious, yet ill-fated, baby hat company together. Betty was there as Anthony hand-stitched baby-beanies from pieces of scrap fabric. Anthony was there as Betty attempted to drum up demand for these poorly-crafted baby hats. The company didn't survive beyond second semester. Fortunately, their friendship proved more resilient than their entrepreneurial spirit.

A New Relationship
Their romantic relationship unfolded slowly and organically. They journeyed through their second year of business school with a strong foundation of friendship. They each watched as the other tried their luck on dating apps, swiping their way through the city's population of eligible singles. With patient ears, they listened to the other complain about unsuccessful dates with other people. Betty thought the dating pool in Boston was too nerdy. Anthony was generally incompetent in dating strangers. It was during one of these complaining sessions that Anthony realized he shared similar values and aspirations with Betty. The person he wanted to date was sitting across the table. He stopped looking on apps and decided to start a relationship the old-fashioned way. He asked Betty to dinner in-person, without apps and text messages and away from the veil of 21st century technology. The rest is, as they say, history.

The Proposal
After their first date, Betty and Anthony bonded through travel. They spent a weekend driving over the barren, rocky landscapes in Iceland, stopping only to watch the aurora borealis dance across the sky overhead. They explored Gaudi's architechural masterpieces in Spain, sharing churros and chocolate with great friends. Anthony thought it was only appropriate to orchestrate a destination proposal. He chose a picturesque village along the Italian Amalfi Coast, not far from the former home of his paternal grandparents.

She said "Yes!" Betty was surprised by how calmly and confidently Anthony handled the proposal. Anthony was surprised by how unsurprised Betty was by the proposal. Perhaps they both had a sense that this was the inevitable next step to their story.
Lehan Veenker